• Shelley Boettcher

Two new Japanese spirits to seek out now

Japan's largest whisky producer has released a new gin and vodka in Canada.

For the first time ever, The House of Suntory has released Roku Gin and Haku Vodka into the Canadian market.

Canada, of course, is no stranger to Suntory spirits, which have been around since 1923.

But the step into vodka and gin is new. Haku Vodka is made with Japanese white rice and is filtered through bamboo charcoal for ultimate purity. (Try it with a good-quality soda water and a garnish of lemon peel.)

Then there's the new Roku Gin, made from six Japanese botanicals — secret, except for yuzu — and eight traditional gin botanicals. The result is a crisp, complex, citrussy gin that is a brilliant addition to your next summer afternoon cocktail.

A beautiful bottle. And a beautiful spirit.

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