• Robert Majamaa

Just add a cigar. Or not.

The Dalmore, Cigar Malt Reserve, Highland Single Malt (Scotland)

The Dalmore Distillery is located on the windy shore of Cromarty Firth, and in the winter, I imagine it may be shaded by the mass of Ben Nevis during a solstice sunset.

The site is not just geographically interesting: it is well-placed for both harvest and shipping, key requirements for the business of whisky.

The history of the distillery reports that the site was also selected to provide a distinct influence to the product.

The distillers of The Dalmore collection also started a quality process to age whisky to control and assure consistency in their product, their archives of testing and tasting reaching back to 1868.

If you are looking for a whisky that’s as old as you, you might find it in The Dalmore Constellation Collection . . . You’ll need to have been born between 1964 and 1992, and you should have a pro-athlete-calibre income.

If you’re an amateur like me, you’ll find something in The Dalmore Principal Collection. I propose stepping away from the age groups for this exploration.

The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve is blended with the intent of enjoying with a big cigar. I enjoy this whisky without the accompanying tobacco smoke.

The whisky flavours are derived from the cask, and the finishing of this single malt in premier cru Cabernet Sauvignon wine barriques is apparent in the glass.

The colour balances between mahogany and burnt umber. The first nose is a step into the bakery: caramel and Christmas cookies revealed. The first taste brings more bakery, caramel, orange zest and sherry. The finish closes the loop, soft on the palate, hinting of cloves and cinnamon.

About $150, cigars not included.

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