• Shelley Boettcher

BC winery explores 'natural winemaking'

Laughing Stock Vineyards released its new red wines this fall - always a highlight for fans of this established winery's well-crafted vino.

Perhaps best known for wines such as Portfolio, a big, beautiful Bordeaux-style blend, Laughing Stock also makes several other wines including the 2016 Amphora Syrah, which spends eight months in two massive (500-litre) terracotta amphorae.

This is the fourth year that the winery team has made this style, labelled "a tribute to how wine was made in ancient times." In other words, it's made very simply, with minimal intervention: all yeasts are wild, minimal sulphur is added, and the wine is unfined and unfiltered.

The result is a wine that's savoury, meaty, herbal, floral and constantly evolving in the glass. Fascinating and very rewarding, especially for those of us who like our wines made the way they were in past generations.

While I originally thought the 2016 vintage had already sold out this year, it hasn't. (Yay for us wine lovers!) In fact, it won't even be released until Nov. 1.

The catch is, however, that you have to be a member of the Laughing Stock Preferred Share Wine Club.

That's not a difficult thing to do, however. Just sign up online. And then get that order placed. The 2016 Amphora Syrah retails for $49.95 a bottle. And, while you're at it, get your hands on a bottle of the 2015 Portfolio, too.

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