• Robert Majamaa

Top distillery releases new gin in Canada

Stirred, not shaken, is the recommended method for preparing a gin martini.

Well, that’s one side of a barfly argument that should be taste-tested.

Star of Bombay is a new release from the distillers of Bombay Sapphire that is worth seeking out for whatever gin cocktail you are mixing. (It was released last year in the UK, but only released in Canada this fall.)

The botanicals feature bergamot, orange peel and ambrette seeds (from hibiscus flowers) added to the traditional selection. It all perfectly enhances the signature Bombay Sapphire taste.

But, why bury it in a cocktail? Star of Bombay is enjoyable as a digestif. The nose is predominantly juniper while the finish is pleasantly licorice and slightly fiery. In the middle. you can tease out the flavours of the ten additional botanicals that make this a gin of distinction. About $50 in Canada.

Incidentally, the Star of Bombay gets its name from a massive blue star sapphire from Sri Lanka, which was given to silent film star Mary Pickford by her then-husband Douglas Fairbanks. Pickford was a legendary Hollywood star, but was actually born in Toronto, Canada, where she began in theatre in April 1900.

(Still want a Star of Bombay cocktail recipe, even though Robert loves it straight? Here's one of our favourite recipes for it.)

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