• Shelley Boettcher

'Son of the wind' inspires name of this sweet wine

One of Sicily’s best-known wineries, Donnafugata has a fantastic range of table wines for sale in Calgary. But this beautiful dessert wine is less common. It’s made from Zibibbo grapes, which are known as Muscat in other parts of the world.

Grown on the volcanic island of Pantelleria, near Sicily, some of these grapes are dried for a few weeks in the sun before pressing; “passito” is the Italian word.

The other grapes for this wine are picked when very ripe, creating a complex yet delicate, sweet but balanced wine that has notes of honey and apricots.

Pair with dark chocolate or, as the winemaker recommends, foie gras or blue cheese. A beautiful way to finish a special dinner. The name, incidentally, means “son of the wind” in Arabic. About $43.50 for a 375-mL bottle.

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