• Robert Majamaa

A taste of a mysterious spirit...

Parlour Gin? Hmmm. Juniper Gin, Distilled Gin, London Dry Gin. Bathtub Gin. Mother’s Ruin. Those are the gins with which I’m familiar (due to a persistent malaria threat).

What is Parlour Gin? I’m glad you asked.

In the best Canadian traditions, Parlour Gin is a mysterious alcohol, distilled in a unique process, and sold in a secretive fashion. It’s sold by some local lads (depending on where you live). Keep it under your hat. Or in the barn, if that’s where you do your thinking.

In the glass, you’ll notice the Canadian prairie flavours of Saskatoon berries and rose hips sharing space with the traditional juniper berries.

Eau Claire Distillery’s Parlour Gin is a treat as an aperitif, served neat and chilled it is tantalizing and sweetish with a subtle cinnamon finish. About $49.

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