• Shelley Boettcher

Tasty Cabernet Franc from Canada

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards is one of the most-established and best-known wineries in Canada's Okanagan Valley. (If you're in the region, be sure to check out the winery's award-winning restaurant, Miradoro.) This sassy red wine, made from Cabernet Franc grapes, is medium-bodied, with mild tannins and gorgeous cherry, pomegranate and cranberry notes. Pair with, well, anything. It has become our new house favourite, and it's a wicked-good price, considering how easy it is to drink. About $22 a bottle.

TRIVIA: Tinhorn co-owner and chief winemaker Sandra Oldfield is renowned for her love of vintage cars — including her lovely 1966 Mustang.

PAIR WITH: Roast chicken, lamb, steak, burgers. Or just enjoy a glass or two by itself on a Sunday afternoon.

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