• Shelley Boettcher

Elegant, restrained Chardonnay a winner

Despite the name of this wine — Dilemma — there should be no dilemma involved when it comes to buying it.

Lionel Trudel

Just find a bottle. Pay for it and go home.

Then open it, if not shortly after buying it, soon, and enjoy, with good people who understand the importance of a fine Chardonnay.

This one, from Culmina Family Estates in the Okanagan Valley, is just that, a fine Chardonnay. Elegant, classy, with beautiful lemon zest and nutty notes. Pair with white fish or a plate of scallops. About $53 a bottle.

Incidentally, for the first time, the team behind Culmina is releasing its 2013 Hypothesis en primeur, for the first time. But if you're interested, order soon as the offer is only open for a limited time. The deal closes March 30, 2017.

Read what we had to say about the last vintage of Hypothesis. (Hint: we loved it.)

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