• Ebsen

Classic beer, classic design

I bought my first can of Stiegl — an Austrian beer with roots that date back to 1492 — simply for the design. It’s the first thing you notice. It’s not your typical Euro beer can. It’s bold and brash. It’s fantastic.

And it makes you want to buy it.

A graphic designer’s job is to make a product be noticed, and to help move sales transactions forward. That’s why the Stiegl design works.

The bold Germanic type-styled logo dates back to the 1930s, likely earlier. It looks like it was ripped from an old Bavarian ski chalet, circa 1920.

And it works. Once you’ve seen it, you won’t forget it.

The beer is great, too: smooth and refreshing with no aftertaste. It would taste even better in an ice-cold pint glass. Maybe with a bratwurst and all the fixings, too.

Cool trivia: Stiegl is made in Salzburg, Austria, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In 2012, Stiegl partnered with Salzburg’s

public tranportation system to include a free transit ticket on the back of each bottle of its bock beer, to help prevent drinking and driving.

Ebsen is not a "writer-writer," but he has an opinion about pretty much anything design-related. Born in Denmark, he worked as a

graphic designer for almost as long as this beer has been around. He likes to share his opinions with our editor, who likes to write them down.

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